A crunchy snack for true connoisseurs


The Swiss chocolatier Läderach is launching a unique new trio of snacks: scrumptious, crunchy popcorn covered with the finest chocolate in three seductive flavours. Those familiar with Läderach products will be pleased to find all the high-quality features they have come to expect: first-rate raw materials, outstanding artisanal skills and uncompromising freshness. This sophisticated snack combines light and crunchy caramelised popcorn with chocolate in three different flavours: Milk, Caramel and Strawberry.

Läderach’s chocolatiers are renowned for the quality and variety of their chocolate specialities. The family company is one of very few manufacturers that takes the entire manufacturing process of its Swiss chocolate into its own hands, from the cocoa bean to the finished product, to guarantee outstanding quality and uncompromising freshness. Chocolate-lovers and popcorn connoisseurs are in for a treat as Läderach once again demonstrates its attention to detail with the new Läderach popcorn range.

Innovative artisanship

Carefully selected Swiss raw materials are as integral to the Läderach concept as the skilful, artisanal manufacturing process and the inventive variety of flavours: The corn used for the new popcorn range is sourced from a regional Swiss corn farmer. After it reaches the Läderach production site in Ennenda, it is popped to make deliciously fluffy popcorn, which the Läderach experts carefully caramelise by hand using genuine Swiss sugar. In the final step, the popcorn is coated in thin layers of milk chocolate, strawberry-flavoured chocolate or caramel-flavoured chocolate. Caramelising the popcorn and coating it in extraordinarily thin layers of high-quality chocolate ensures that the sophisticated snack stays crunchy and fresh. To achieve the flavours of the Strawberry and Caramel varieties, the Läderach artisans work with finely chopped pieces of strawberry and sweet caramel to create fruity berry chocolate or velvety caramel chocolate.

A new trinity of flavour

The exclusive Läderach innovation will excite popcorn-lovers as well as chocoholics and turn any get-together with friends or a casual film night into a spectacular gourmet experience. Scrumptious and sophisticated, it also makes an excellent gift or a treat for any time of day. With three tasty flavours to choose from – Milk, Caramel and Strawberry –, every gourmet is sure to find their favourite: