Ramadan 2021 Collection

 Are you looking for a special gift for your family, friends, and loved ones to wish them a blessed Ramadan? Do you want a special treat after your dawn to dusk fasting? Or, thinking of what dessert to have and serve during Iftar? Well, as Laderach Chocolatier Suisse welcomes and celebrates the most sacred month with you, our beloved customers. We proudly introduce the Ramadan 2021 Collection. Carefully crafted items that match your special needs during this holy season. Highly curated set of gift boxes that comes in different varieties such as hard paper, wood, and acrylic. Decorated with striking and  remarkable design that blends well with our signature classic boxes. 

           Our collection offers a wide range of choices. We have first,  Praline boxes (hard paper) presented in white acrylic box with flowers and available in 18 and 24 pieces. A great gift for your loved ones. Second, a wooden box that comes in two different designs. Version 1 is bold yet classy and version 2 is simple and elegant tailored to your likings. It also comes in Praline and Fresh chocolates with four sizes --- small, mini, medium, and large. This suits the corporate world,  a presentable and neat gift that you can give to your boss and colleagues. Third, Praline chocolate acrylic tray that comes in two sizes --- small and big. This is an upgraded version of our best seller tray that won almost all our beloved customer’s heart. A timeless piece. We highly recommend this for your small family gatherings to soothe your loved one’s sweet tooth. Fourth, three small boxes in one. It comes in four chocolate options such as Praline Eggs, Choco Bijoux Bowls, Choco Bijoux Sticks, and Choco Bijoux Tartufi. Best and cute gifts for your lovely friends. Fifth, we also have Gergaon small boxes. It comes in dotted and flower boxes with Choco Bijoux or Praline Egg chocolates, your own choice. A small gift that childrens will surely love. Lastly, we have uniques items that you can partner with another gift that you already have. Fresh Chocolate Full Slab Box, you can choose the chocolate flavors of the slabs. Big Gift Box,  it comes with one kilogram of assorted praline chocolates of your own choice. And Fondue Set Milk and Dark couverture that is covered with a transparent acrylic tray. 

All the items that we presented to you is the best of the best that we can offer. We wish all of you a blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem