Dear all Laderach Customers, 

At Laderach Chocolates and due to the current situation of the spread of Covid-19 ( corona Virus)

We are writing here for you to inform you the steps that we have taken towards making sure that all our practices are in  compliance with The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MOICT) and The Ministry of Health (MOH).

This is what we are doing: 

A- In Terms of Orders: 

1- Customer Catering Orders:

For all orders that were placed in Jan, Feb and until Middle of March customers were provided one of the below options: 

- Order postponement to a future date.

- Order cancellation and refund with credit note.

- Order cancellation and full refund. 

If you have any concern regarding your order please contact us. 

2- Online Orders with Free Delivery:

We have activated online Orders via these Channels, with Free delivery for all the areas in Bahrain. 

A- Website, Mobile Applications, iOS and android. 

B- Talabat, Carriage and Bleems online applications and Platforms

C- Orders by WhatsApp . 


B- Hygiene and Health Steps taken: 

At Laderach as a chocolate shop, we have always carried high measures of hygiene to insure our products and arrangements are delivered with the highest hygiene standards. All our employees that work directly with chocolate are already  following Laderach Hygiene Standards : 

A- Wear face mask, gloves and hair net.  

B- Maintain Personal hygiene, short nails and trimmed face. 

Following the Ministry of Health We have added these below steps: 

C- All Delivery Employees will also be wearing a mask and new set of gloves with every delivery.

D- All Sales and other Staff members that interact with the shop wears masks. 

E- All our Employees get checked upon arrival for their temperature. 

C- Show Room, Working Area, Store Room and Delivery Vehicles. 

As a chocolate Shop we take very high measure in the cleanness, organisation and hygiene of our Show Room were we display our chocolates and ready orders. 

We also have a Chocolate Storage Room, and a Working Area only for Chocolates, we have doubled the hygiene and took further steps as per the MOH guidelines in sanitising. 

Also all our deliveries are made by our drivers who are aware and in our own Vehicles. 


D- Imported Products

We import from all over the world, Chocolates, Artificial flowers and other materials.  Since the spread of the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we got in touch with our local and international suppliers  , we have checked their measures and steps taken to prevent the virus from being transferred in the goods they supply us.  Also we have taken a further measure with sanitising the boxes of any Shipment that arrives . 

Shall you have any concern regarding the above taken steps please feel free to contact us directly. 


Dalal and Maha Al Doseri